Victims of auto accident? Pay Attention to Early Pain

By Ed Susman , Contributing Writer, MedPage Today as quoted in Sanjay Gupta’s Column “THE GUPTA GUIDE”      TAMPA — Widespread pain that persists a year after a motor vehicle … Continue Reading →

Food for Thought, or Not …What do you Think?

Reasons behind massive food-contamination outbreaks explored. In a piece related to the recent recall of 1.8 million pounds of ground beef for potential contamination from “a deadly strain of E. … Continue Reading →

Great Letter to NY Times on GM as a Law Breaker

“G.M. Is Fined Over Safety and Called a Lawbreaker” (front page, May 17): That General Motors has been concealing safety problems with its cars should come as no surprise. There … Continue Reading →

Injured on the Job but employer as no workers comp insurance? Read This.

 DUTY TO NOTIFY THE UNINSURED EMPLOYERS GUARANTY FUND WITHIN 45 DAYS IN ORDER TO COLLECT BENEFITS! If  an injured employee doesn’t notify the Uninsured Employers Guaranty Fund (UEGF) within 45 … Continue Reading →

Family seeks to reopen case against GM after recalls

The CBS Evening News (5/12, story 10, 2:10, Pelley, 5.08M) reported that a family that had previously accepted a settlement from GM is now suing the automaker against in the … Continue Reading →

California Supreme Court appears reluctant to require retailers to have defibrillator in stores.

The AP (5/7, Press) reports that yesterday, “the California Supreme Court appeared reluctant…to require large retailers to keep a defibrillator in stores in case customers suffer cardiac arrest.” The AP … Continue Reading →