Paterno family attorney announces new lawsuit against NCAA.

From the Headlines of Today’s AAJ Report Wednesday night, on the NBC Sports Network – Costas Tonight show, the attorney for the family of former Pennsylvania State University football coach … Continue Reading →

Authorized Cable franchise tax for Verizon & Comcast?

I’ve started to scrutinize my Verizon-Fios bill more closely and find, among the tax add ons at the end of the bill,  a Verizon Franchise Tax of about $4.50.  The … Continue Reading →

Corporations Behaving Badly (Shock!)

Rejecting $7 Billion Deal, Retailers Sue Visa, MasterCard From the moment it was announced last July, critics have panned the $7.25 billion deal that MasterCard, Visa, and a group of … Continue Reading →

Do Lawsuits Actually Improve Patient Safety?

Experts believe that the best way to lessen medical error is to analyze previous errors and learn from them.  Many people think that the threat of being sued hinders this … Continue Reading →

Victims of Asbestos Should read this Post from Take Justice Back

The most outrageous crime perpetuated by business in the annals of commerce. “Outrageous Conduct: the Asbestos Industry on Trial”  Paul Brodeur 1985 Congress is fast-tracking legislation that would grant a … Continue Reading →

Survey suggests Pennsylvania residents cautiously support fracking, disapprove of governor’s policies.

Also from yesterday’s AAJ Headlines… The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (5/15, Schwartzel, 190K) reports that a new survey from the University of Michigan’s school of public policy suggests that although “nearly half … Continue Reading →

West Virginia lawsuit verdict favors big tobacco.

Headline from today’s American Association for Justice The AP (5/15) reported a Kanawha County, West Virginia jury “on Wednesday found that the plaintiffs proved their claim that all ventilated filter … Continue Reading →

Generic drug maker Ranbaxy agrees to $500 million settlement

From Today’s AAJ’s  Headlines On the front of its Business Day section, the New York Times (5/14, B1, Thomas, Subscription Publication, 1.68M) reports that yesterday, “the generic drug maker Ranbaxy … Continue Reading →

Don’t give up your access to a courtroom

ALERT this week  from Take Justice Back Do you know what is hidden in the fine print of contracts you routinely “agree” to?  Chances are you have signed away your … Continue Reading →

1,000 Bicycle Forks Recalled over Fall Hazard (5/8/13)

From New Jersey’s Association for Justice The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall of about 1,000 Surly Pugsley Bicycle Forks due to a defect in the fork that … Continue Reading →